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The main advantage of a wardrobe-compartment is its amazing spaciousness, variations in configuration and low cost. In addition, the use in the construction of the wardrobe of the sliding door can effectively save some space, because compartment door do not require additional space for opening because it moves in the same plane.

Configuration and exterior design of the furniture is chosen according to the room where this piece of furniture will be placed, and according to the tasks it must perform. Let’s consider here the most suitable type of wardrobe for the living room - the main room of the house, its centre, where guests are invited to come, where the whole family gathers together to watch TV and to communicate. Of course, mirrored wardrobe or a model with the closed deaf doors will not look very good in the living room. This furniture will be more appropriate in the bedroom, where such a cabinet performs the functions of a wardrobe. In the cabinet for the living room typically variety of decorative statues, figurines, beautiful crockery, cutlery and tea sets, vases and other utensils you want to show off are stored. That’s why spacious and stylish living room furniture should have glass facades - absolutely transparent, or matt. Due to the glass facade the entire interior will look really great. Sets, books, decorative figurines and other souvenirs standing on the cabinet shelves become the decorative elements that will give your room originality and unique and a sophisticated look.


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