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These functional pieces of furniture are appropriate for the bedroom living room, kitchen, hallway, or children’s room. In the bedroom Komandor wardrobe is an ideal dress cabinet, and if desired, it can look like a real dressing room, where everything has its own place on the shelf, rack, in a drawer or in a basket.

Komandor wardrobe or storage unit is ideal for your hallway for hanging you jackets storing shoes, handbags which occupies less space and gives maximum storage. Surely, it will be convenient for you to look at  its mirror doors, trying on a new coat or jacket, combing your hair before you leave home. At the very same time in this wardrobe you will be able not only to hide all the coats, jackets, raincoats and other accessories, but also to store large items such a golf clubs, vacuum cleaner or ironing board. It is also useful to have a wardrobe-compartment in your kitchen. Otherwise, where will you put all the kitchen utensils and appliances? For the living room you should select not only practical, but also beautifully decorated model of the wardrobe-compartment, and your room will immediately change for the best, getting along with your new furniture and chic. But there is a room where the wardrobe-compartment Komandor is simply necessary. This is a children’s room. What can you see opening the door to the children’s room? That's right! The mess because of a great amount of useful things, toys, clothes, books and other items collected on the limited room area. And with the growth of a child things are just added. How to deal with it? How to transform an untidy room into a neat and clean one? There is only one possible answer – to establish a reliable and spacious wardrobe-compartment! Please note that there are special models of the wardrobes - compartments designed for the children's room. Such variants of the cabinets are adapted to the room and to the needs of the little man living in this room. Such wardrobes – compartments are really spacious! But usually it is a low cabinet which allows a child to safely reach every shelf. Special feature of the children's wardrobes - compartments is Komandor unique design, which is fundamentally different from the design of the cabinets intended for adults. While finishing the facade of the cabinet the manufacturers often use art drawings, bright colors, harmonious and eye-catching combinations of several colors. It can be art painting using cartoon characters, heroes of the fairy tales, or just a sprinkle of magic flowers or stars. Such design of cabinet gives vitality and to the interior, making it funny and interesting for your child. The cabinet in the children’s room is carefully thought out by the skilled designers of Komandor Company. Usually children’s rooms are rather small. That’s why compact models with the built-in tables, niches for TV and aquarium are very popular. There are even models equipped with the built-in beds. Due to such cabinets you can really effectively save room area and find extra space for games and sports. But the most important thing concerning the wardrobe-compartment for the children’s room is the inside construction. Internal filling should be designed so as to accommodate and properly arrange all the children's things, to allow the child and his mother to quickly find the right clothes and shoes. In the children's wardrobe with the compartment door opening should be present the large niche, equipped with a bar and hangers, numerous sets of drawers for clothes, shelves for casual and special shelves for books and stationery. A well-designed "filling" of the cabinet can help the child to neatly store things and to put them in order quickly. In this case a child will be able to get his things by himself and put them back in the wardrobe. As the compartment door does not need extra space for opening, you can put such a wardrobe in any part of the room. Special corner wardrobes can be put at any available angle without taking away the free space of the room. Sliding doors will not block the room and a lively child will not hit on it, as it can happen with the swing doors. Producing wardrobes - compartments for children, the producers thought not only about the children’s comfort but also about the convenience for their parents. And they made all the surfaces of the wardrobes durable, hygienic, resistant to household chemicals and scratches, so the process of care about such wardrobes becomes really easy. Wardrobe - compartment Komandor will pass all the tests keeping its external attractiveness and functionality. Such furniture becomes a reliable helper for parents in arrangement the children's room and in the process of making this room cozy and comfortable.


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