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Furniture in the children’s room should completely meet the children’s needs. Furniture of the room should be chosen very carefully and great attention should be paid to the absence of traumatic elements in furniture design, and to the environmental friendly materials from which the furniture for children will be produced. In this case, the built-in wardrobes-compartments become the most appropriate variants for the children’s room furnishing. After all, sliding door minimizes the possibility of hitting on it.

For children's room you can order the wardrobe - compartment with a brightly colored facade and rounded lateral shelves, without sharp corners, just round and smooth shapes which won’t cause your child any harm. Komandor wardrobes - compartments are made according to the drafts outlined individually for the children’s room in your house.The furniture will have a look, size and set appropriate for your child. Also, you will free a lot of space needed for games and different kinds of child’s activities in the room.


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