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Open shelving for books, dishes and souvenirs should be located in the foreground. In the lower tier you can place some closed shelves and drawers for the other utensils. The best places should be given for the open shelves where you can put a spectacular composition of your vases, souvenirs, wine glasses, for your living room to look its best.

Surely the best solution for such a cabinet will be a facade made of mat or transparent glass possibly decorated with the stained glass inserts or engraving. Another rather original version of the cabinet for the living room can be the series of high-level storage racks covered with the several sliding doors. In the process of the doors opening you will have an interesting “tag” effect." Of course such kind of furniture is of more complex design, and its price will be higher than the cost of an ordinary wardrobe. After all, the furniture is not purchased for a one day usage. It can be better to spend a big sum of money today and buy the variant of the wardrobe you really like than to regret for years because of the wrong choice and your decision to save money on furnishing you’re your apartment or house. But, as the saying goes, it’s up to you!


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