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It’s a matter of common knowledge that wardrobe’s are an important interior element of every house. Komandor wardrobes became so popular in they now play an important role in the creation a functional of homes throughout Europe.

Wardrobes-compartments can be divided into several main types depending on their construction: wall to wall, panel to the wall, panel to panel, a diagonal wardrobe, wardrobe-compartment with the mezzanine, a corner wardrobe and a wardrobe with the combined panels.  As sliding doors of the wardrobes do not need additional space, they quickly took their place in numerous flats and houses. Also wardrobes-compartments are used very often in the offices. Nowadays there is a huge choice of wardrobes modifications made in different styles. Having known main features and some peculiarities of wardrobes-compartments you will be able choose the most suitable for you. Here are the main constructional peculiarities and differences between the wardrobes-compartments. All the inner space of the wardrobe-compartment is made of so-called cell combinations, where the main elements are baskets or grated shelves. When you buy a new wardrobe, you can personally choose construction and size of the boxes. You may choose between the usual or sliding boxes, made of metal or glass. Huge shelves are definitely the best choice because you can not only put the bedclothes on them, but also mattresses and pillows. Baskets and shelves in the forms of cells made of the metal grate are also very practical because their construction allows you to ventilate your clothes and to preserve in the best way all the things stored in the wardrobe. If the wardrobe is for storing clothes transversal and lateral hangers for ties and belts will be included in its construction. There are two kinds of wardrobes depending on the door system type. First ones are the doors which are placed in the steel frame and are moving along the on the plastic rollers. The second ones are moving on the special rails. The choice of the moving system depends on the customer.But before going to the shop to choose the wardrobe model you should consult the specialists. The point is to avoid haste and to have a wise look on the purchase of the in-built furniture.


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