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The door of the compartment is a sliding mechanism, and the mechanics of its functioning should be considered more thoroughly. First of all it happens because the sliding door is the most significant part of the cabinet (when we speak about the furniture). It is also the most expensive part. By the way sliding door is a visible facade part thus it must be really beautiful and perfectly decorated.

Today it is not unusual to make sliding interior doors or partitions-compartments which allow for dividing the room into zones. Sliding doors should be durable and aesthetic at the same time. So, we can distinguish only two main types of the sliding doors: when the door leaf rolls back inside the doorway, or rolls back along the panel.

This concerns only the ordinary straight sliding doors. Doors that fold like an "accordion", or have a radius of curvature (radial), have special sliding system that is different from the usual compartment system. Rails on which the door leaf moves may have some aluminium railings, from one to four. Rails can be mounted on the floor or placed on the ceiling. At the end of the rail there is a locking device and a limit stop that keeps the door from leaving the recessing aside. Rollers provide smooth and silent movement of the door leaf. Rollers can be plastic, iron or made of the mixed materials.

The strongest rollers are equipped with bearings. They can withstand an infinite number of openings. The heavier the door leaf, the larger number of rollers your sliding doors should be equipped with. Two rollers will be enough for the doors up to 70 kg., but for doors weighing up to100-120 kg four rollers will be needed. Sliding doors with the top rails are more convenient. Rails are not clogged with the dust, as it happens with the lower rails, and there is no need to spoil the flooring installing rails and threshold on the expensive parquet or laminate. Sliding doors without the threshold are very convenient. Such doors are installed in the passage between the rooms.

The door with such a combination is perfectly fixed, what allows avoiding distortion and slackness and the door leaf will not slip out of the railing. The door which slides inside looks as if it is recessed in the wall, that’s why it is more difficult to mount such a door. Really experienced specialist good in repair work and installation is needed for such a specific work. As a rule the part of the wall is destroyed, but instead of it the frame completed with the railings is mounted. After that the wall is restored by the gypsum plasterboard. Sliding door system is a complex, high-tech and well-regulated mechanism. However, the proper care is needed in order to maximize the life of the wardrobe-compartment sliding doors. For example, the lower guides are often clogged with the dust, so they should be vacuumed and cleaned from the rubbish. Otherwise, the door can start making extra noises in the process of moving, dash out from the slots, or to completely jam and fail. Rollers are the most sensitive part of the door mechanism. They bear the whole load while the process of opening and closing the doors. If in the sliding system the rollers of good quality are used, you will not have to worry about repair. Usually, a manufacturer of quality rollers with bearings gives the guarantee on them of 15-20 years or more. Rollers of the lower quality with the low security factor fail in a couple of years. When the first symptoms of sliding doors "disease" such as noise, squeaking, distortion, slackness appear you must immediately change the wheels. This will help to keep intact the rest of the sliding door systems.


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